Team Building – Trust and Consensus

This course will build on the Team Selection and Communication curriculum, continuing the development of understanding team dynamics and performance. LTRI will emphasize the trust building process, how to develop it, keep it, and make it a part of the culture. LTRI will also introduce the participants to the concept of consensus as opposed to compromise (compromise denotes giving something up, consensus is about bringing together the best of the team members, the absence of conflict). LTRI promotes the transformation of the way teams think about their roles as leaders and team members. The course will require each individual to participate in discussions regarding concepts introduced, interactive activities, and with the dissection of video examples that display different aspects of teams and their performance.

LTRI will introduce the participants to the following:

  • Principles and Core of Credibility
  • Different Aspects of Trust (relationships, Organizational, Re-Building, and Inspiring)
  • Win-Lose v Win-Win
  • Creative Cooperation
  • Transparency

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