Conflict in the workplace is inevitable.

Regardless of the profession: Hospital emergency personnel, mental health facilities, customer service, or law enforcement, both internal and external conflict will emerge.

Any professional organization should be ready to quickly, efficiently and effectively respond to potential issues and conflicts which may present themselves.  Today’s fast paced, do it yesterday environment has a tendency to lend itself to conflict.  Furthermore, add in the often-unrealistic time pressures, employee shortages, fatigue, and heavy workloads and the environment becomes ripe for internal (organizational) and external conflict.

  • Are you ready to determine how conflict may influence the way you and the organization will behave and communicate?
  • Do you want to discover why personnel and customers behave and communicate the way they do under stress?
  • Do you want to learn how to effectively deal with conflict while simultaneously improving relationships both internally and externally?
  • Are you willing to invest some time to improve interactions and build trust with all personnel and customers?

The mission of the Leadership and Training Research Institute is to assist individuals and organizations in mitigating and managing conflict more effectively.

LTRI has teamed up with De-Escalate; a science-based company focusing on verbal de-escalation of conflict.  Together, LTRI and De-Escalate have provided programs to many diverse organizations including police departments, Attorney General’s Office (Florida), hospitals, schools, and other private and public organizations.

We have combined best practices in leadership, verbal de-escalation, and human performance to create the most complete programs for conflict recognition, mitigation, and prevention.

LTRI can provide the complete leadership program which includes the science based De-Escalate program, or we can bring the Verbal de-escalation component itself.

LTRI and De-Escalate are the first to properly define and understand de-escalation and the different components of the de-escalation process.  De-escalation is not a dirty word (as often viewed in police work) it is the correct word for how we should interact with each other, even in conflict.

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