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Key to Quality Leadership

Research has shown a consistent piece which is needed to be a successful leader and this need is from both the leader and the follower.  One of the keys to quality leadership is Trust.  This has to be exhibited by both the leader and those who choose to follow.  There are a number of steps to achieving trust, it is not a one time event or a single layer component.  Earning trust is an ongoing commitment.  Some of the aspects of earning trust involve consistency in actions/decisions, willingness to not just let the employees speak, but to allow them to be heard, and setting the example through action not just words.  What are some other ways to earn and keep each other’s trust?

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Jessica Johnston —

This past Tuesday, I went to my church. I was coming off a pretty stressful day and was looking forward to being restored by God’s Word. I was pleasantly reminded of two things that I love about God. 1. He has a great sense of humor and 2. He is in control and always knows what’s best. Instead of regular service, our pastor had invited Steve Sheridan to come and teach about Leadership. This teaching was right on time. I enjoyed the interactive approach that Mr. Sheridan took and wrote down notes that not only gave me new perspective about where I likely went wrong in the past, but more importantly, tools to enable me to lead far more effectively in the future! I look very much forward to Mr. Sheridan’s return visit so that I can learn more of what this experienced leader is kind enough to share. I’m not an expert, but if I had a group of people who I believed could benefit from developing leadership skills, I would definitely seek out the counsel of this individual who practices what he teaches. Humility precedes greatness, Jesus Christ is LORD. Peace.

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