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The need to re-establish leadership and the leader role has become very apparent for us in the United States. The breakdown of quality leadership at Enron and in the mortgage and auto industries has forced us to start looking into our leadership shortfalls. There are a number of issues at hand here as no single element of leadership would have caused these collapses.

Some of these include:

  • A breakdown in trust between leaders and followers
  • Lack of communication and understanding as to what the responsibilities are of the leader and the follower (blog post – The Leadership Compact 2011).
  • A lack of leadership courage within all levels of organizational leadership (Blog post Courage, the Missing Link in Today’s Leaders, 2011)

These are only some of the issues which have greatly increased the occurrences of failed leaders and leadership. The idea is not to start pointing fingers, but to start pointing in the direction of recovering the great leaders and leadership which has made America the international power it has been since it became a nation over 200 years ago.

Here at LTRI we have a proven leadership program with relative insight into all of the aforementioned shortfalls and many other aspects of leadership.

We understand:

  • The various leadership styles every leader needs to display
  • The developmental progression and needs of those who choose to lead and those who choose to follow.

We incorporate the proper use of personality profiles in order to assist leaders in understanding the most effective manner in which to deliver and receive information based on the needs of the parties involved.

Our knowledge, research and applied leadership practices, which include high risk and dynamic situations, will give you the tools to start on the path to great leadership.

With the Interactive Reality Based Training Model (IRBT) we will also be able to assist you in assessing the ability of your leadership and future leaders to apply today’s leadership best practices.

Courses are offered in Tallahassee and can also be presented at your location.

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