Team Building – Selection and Communication

The course is designed for the participant who has an understanding of the Leadership Excellence I curriculum. Participants will be introduced to team building concepts with a focus on Team Selection and Communication with and within the team (member to member, member to team creator [supervisor/administrator]). This course will focus on team member expectations, goals, and purpose, while considering the diversity and different personalities within the team (DISC).  This course will introduce the following:

  • Temporary v Permanent teams
  • Common quotes on teams (No I in team, weakest link, etc) – Changing how we interpret and use these
  • DISC – what is it how can we use it (communication benefits)
  • Selection of Team members – Attributes, Assessment of Potential Members, Volunteer vs Non-Volunteer
  • What Team members need to know
  • On-Boarding reluctant team members
  • Motivation
  • Team Behavior (directing and facilitating)

LTRI Clients