Cognitive Warrior Podcasts

Our first podcast is out – The Warrior Ethos. This is a researched look into the Warrior Ethos and what it really is and why it is the correct ethos for today’s America and our law enforcement personnel

Episode 1 Warrior Ethos- What It Really Is /wp-content/uploads/2020/01/001Warrior2020-1.mp3

Episode 2 – Guardian Philosophy – Are We Sure This Is What We Want /wp-content/uploads/2020/01/002Guardian2020.mp3

Tempore Discreto (Thoughtful Moment) Health, Safety and Individual Responsibility

Sources for Ep 1: Gallagher Westfall Group – Leadership & Mastering Performance Management: Phase 1 and 2 Art of War. Sun Tzu – numerous variations

Sources for Ep 2 Republic of Plato 2nd Ed. 1968 Alan Bloom Plato Republic. 1992 GMA Grube; CDC Reeve; The Republic – Plato. 2014  Black and White Classics

We want to thank Audacity for their open source podcast recording software,  Theme music from The Descent by Kevin Macleod @   license : CC by creative and the Gallagher Westfall Group for the Leadership Test and the Reader, Writer, Thinker, Fighter

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