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LTRI is continuously seeking out talented consultants in all fields.  This allows us to provide you and your organization with the right person for your needs.  Our network is very diverse covering aspects for Leadership, Train the Trainer Programs, Curriculum Development, Human Resources Concerns, De-Escalation programs, and much more.  We have clients in the public sector (Police departments, Colleges, city government and more) and private sector (Insurance Industry, Hospitals and more).

Major Lee R. Beach (Ret) – Lee is a retired  Regional Commander of the North Central Region for the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission and has over 20 years of service and experience.  He served  as a Special Operations Group (SOG) Commander and Law Enforcement Captain for five years and Regional Training Lieutenant teaching CJSTC training prigrams at the regional and academy levels for over three years. Lee also served as the Chief Operations Officer (COO) for Signal 88 Security in Jacksonville Florida as well as S3 Special Police and Security in Atlanta, and continues to provide consulting services today.

Dr. Jeff Golden – Dr. Jeff Golden is Executive Director of DE-ESCALATE, a specialized youth de-escalation program designed by, with and for the professionals in the fields in which it is used.  Extensively taught, used and evaluated with law enforcement, the program has also been developed for corrections, probation, parole and security officers as well as for teachers in schools and colleges.  DE-ESCALATE has been presented multiple times at national and international law enforcement and school safety conferences, taught to thousands of officers nationwide and published in professional and peer reviewed journals.

Dr. Golden firmly believes that one size does not fit all and that training must incorporate the special needs and circumstances of its user.  Therefore, every DE-ESCALATE program was designed in collaboration with experts in the field in which it is used to maximize effectiveness and acceptance.  He brings his specialized knowledge to the classroom as an adjunct professor of graduate and undergraduate law and criminal justice at Saint Leo University where he designed and teaches classes on juvenile aggression and the causes and control of juvenile delinquency.

As a former prosecutor, Dr. Golden has extensive experience in multiple states’ juvenile justice systems where he taught local and state law enforcement, probation and school officers.  As Chief of the Juvenile Justice Division of the Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice he led the development of effective training to work with delinquent youth, including training for staff secure programs that held delinquents placed by law enforcement.

As Executive Director of the largest coalition of providers of children and family services in Nebraska Dr. Golden advocated for smarter legislation, more effective policies and increased funding for training and programs that address delinquency.   Upon moving to Florida he served as a Chief of Policy for the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice (Residential Services) and was appointed by the Governor to the state’s Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention State Advisory Group.

Barbara Hinson – Human Resources expertise (currently updating bio)

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