Communication and Relationship Development

Leaders in every organization are frequently presented with teams full of smart, capable people, yet they simply have trouble getting along. LTRI is often asked to teach methods to re-direct these teams and assist them in learning ways of functioning more effectively. At the basic level communication and relationship development is about valuing the individuals within the team and being understood. The understanding of each other allows people to feel connected.  Being connected and sensing you belong is fundamental for an effective, contributing team member. Improving relationships and productivity are two key factors in individual and organizational growth. When we have a better understanding of our individual behavioral style needs and the needs of those around us, we are better equipped to enhance relationships. Creating better relationships and improving communication skills is attainable for everyone who is willing to put in the work. Its undeniable the value created by good communication and sharpened people skills.

LTRI utilizes the DISC model as a communication framework.  The DISC simplifies the different communication needs by utilizing the first letter of each style as illustrated below:

  • Dominance (D): This behavioral style is recognized as being direct, decisive and strong-willed. Their key focus is to get results.
  • Influence (I): This style is recognized as being optimistic and outgoing. They like sharing ideas, using humor and participating in teams.
  • Steadiness (S): This style is known for being cooperative and patient. They are excellent listeners, very dependable and thrive on being able to help or support others.
  • Conscientious (C): This behavioral style is focused on accuracy and quality. They like employing systematic approaches and will pay close attention to details

Understanding and properly utilizing DISC is critical for those wanting to improve their relationships. As we learn how to adapt our style to the style of others we can see some of the following advantages:

  • Improved communication with employees
  • Comprehension of why we all behave the way we do
  • Better understanding of how to create a motivating environment for the different employees
  • Understanding of what environments are conducive to bringing out peak performance.
  • Reduction of stress resulting from conflicts and personality clashes.
  • Improved customer and employee friendly environments.
  • Improved self-confidence through a better understanding of self and others
  • Improved workplace climate where everyone feels valued and understood.

One thing is certain: no matter the situation in your current personal and professional relationships, after spending time with LTRI your relationships with most people around you (and with yourself) will improve substantially.

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