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Warrior Ethos

The Warrior Ethos:

Understanding the True Warrior and Their Place
in Today’s America

Steven M Sheridan

discussion regarding whether law enforcement and this nation adapt the guardian
philosophy or the warrior ethos can be summed up as follows:

guardian philosophy is centered around blind obedience.

warrior ethos is centered around selfless service.


Guardian Philosophy

The Guardian Philosophy:

Is it Really What We Want in American Society

M Sheridan

I will admit, when the term guardian first began being
utilized within the law enforcement profession, I seriously entertained its
adoption as the primary definition of our profession; I had accepted at the
time that it aligned appropriately with law enforcement.  However, as the weeks went…

LTRI Partners With the City of Tallahassee “FYI” program

The City of Tallahassee has asked LTRI to be a part of its Freshen Your Intellect (FYI) program.  LTRI Tallahassee has been asked to present their Leadership Basics course for the City of Tallahassee in September.  We are looking forward to this partnership and   presenting the rest of the LTRI 4 part leadership series in t…

Leadership Excellence I Class

Thank you to IHPCOP on Dunn Street in Tallahassee for allowing us to come out and present the first phase of Leadership Basics – Changing the Way we Think.  Your participation and input was commendable and valuable to the presentation.  We look forward to phase 2 of the presentation in…

Key to Quality Leadership

Research has shown a consistent piece which is needed to be a successful leader and this need is from both the leader and the follower.  One of the keys to quality leadership is Trust.  This has to be exhibited by both the leader and those who choose to follow.  There are a number of steps to achieving trust, it is not a one time event or a single layer component.  Earning trust is an ongoing…

Courage;The Missing Link in Today’s Leaders

There have been many discussions about the most important trait needed for good or great leadership.  Some will argue, and rightfully so, honor, integrity, trustworthiness, approachability, and the list goes on.  These are all very important traits which everyone should display, not just leaders. Many leaders have these traits; however, many lose the courage to exhibit these positive traits…

Leadership Compact

Often times we hear how leadership has failed us and that the CEO or other leadership position is responsible for the failure of a company.  We heard this with the Enron failure, the mortgage and bank failures, and even the GM bailout.  These statements would lead one to believe that the leader is a standalone post, no support, and no checks and balances.  What the leader says goes, without…

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